10 Home Inspection Myths you wont believe

Home inspections offer valuable information about your homes general condition outlining areas that require minor and major repairs. Deficiencies are also pinpointed in the building structure. Assessing a home is one of the hard tasks completed by a Home Inspector due to the prevalence of myths attached to the process of home inspection. Here are some of the myths surrounding home inspections and answers to help you understand the concept in a better way:

1. Myth: windows less than 18 inches from the ground should have tempered glass Fact: there is no such requirement. Misunderstanding rose from section R308.4 of the national residential code. But the truth is what IRC needs is special glass if you live in hazardous locations.

2. Myth: You should only attend the end of Home Inspection Fact: you will get more from home inspection if you stay behind with your home inspector. It’s always good to try and be there with him.

3. Myth: New homes don’t need a Home Inspection Fact: Even newly constructed homes can have defects. Therefore, your home is not an exception. Stay safe!

4. Myth: The law requires you to have CO alarms to sell a home Fact: the law’s requirement to have CO alarms has nothing to do with real estate, but for most states you must have a fire detector in each room with at least one carbon monoxide detectors.

5. Myth: Small air conditioner isn’t enough to cool a big home Fact: Equipments used during home inspection cannot tell you about your air conditioners’ cooling capacity. It has a lot more to do with the unit’s efficiency. The cooling capacity is measured in tons.

6. Myth: Back drafting water heaters needs to be replaced Fact: Even if you replace water heaters you won’t solve back drafting unless a new power vent heater is installed. If water back drafts the problem isn’t with the water heater. At times the problem can be the vent connector, vent or may need serious evaluation of the entire house.

7. Myth: Old stucco is a concern

Fact: Old stucco isn’t a concern; newer staff of early 90’s should be the concern during home inspection.


8, Myths: Bedrooms require closets

Fact: Requirement for a bedroom to have a closet is nowhere in the international residential code or any other building code. The law clearly defines bedroom as a “habitable room within a home that is used for sleeping and should not contain any kitchen or dining space”. Just that!


9. Myth: Double tapped circuit breakers are big deal

Fact: This is one of the popular electric defect reported dining a home inspection but the repair is quick and easy and shouldn’t worry you. It’s not a big deal. When compared to other electric defects, double tapped circuit poses low safety threats.


10. Myth: Home appraisal will discover defects so home inspection isn’t necessary

Fact: This is not true! Appraisal is meant to protect the lender and that’s why a loan cannot be issued until the appraisal is over, but it doesn’t inspect defects like home inspection.

Be informed!