The Process of a Home Inspection

Are you looking to sell your home and move to a new place? Before you think of calling the movers, you may want to hire a Home Inspector to perform a thorough inspection to ensure that the home is in the best possible condition, which will in turn help you sell it at the best price possible. A home Home Inspections involve a visual inspection of a property by a qualified professional with experience in evaluating components in a house.

The Home Inspection Process

1. The process begins by scheduling a Home Inspector for inspection

Typically you will want to search out a Home Inspector in your area, which is then followed by an actual evaluation of the home, and then your new home is schedule to receive a home inspection It is important to select a Home Inspector from your area because they will know the area and most common issues the best.

2. Actual Home Inspection

In a typical home inspection, a Home Inspector examines the home’s structure, including the foundation, basement, attic and the roof. He or she will also check all systems within the property, including the electrical work and plumbing.

If you want certain work conducted like mold and Radon Inspections, you should look for an Home Inspector who also offers those particular services. One thing you need to remember is that Home Inspectors offering specialty services will charge for any extra beyond the normal inspection.

The inspection process usually takes 3 to 4 hours, depending upon the home’s size and condition.

3. Receiving the Home Inspection Report from the Home Inspector

At the end of the a Home Inspection process, you will get a detailed report which may include things like the current condition of the property ,and any significant defects as well as their repair costs. Expect to sit down with your Home Inspector to discuss the findings of the inspection.

Be sure to take note of areas of the house that either need fixing or are possibly falling into disrepair. However, the Home Inspector will not make the decision of whether or not to sell the house. That’s rests upon you. If you choose to sell the house the way it is, you may get a lower price.