Tackle Radon Gas with a Home Inspection.

Radon Gas and a Home Inspection

Radon Gas is a gas that has no color, no odor, and is tasteless. It occurs naturally and is a radioactive gas that causes lung cancer. It occurs because of the uranium breakdown which ultimately turns to radon gas and moves up through the ground, because it does not react or combine with any elements in the ground, to the air and into your homes by way of cracks on the solid floors, through the construction joints and through cracks in walls, cavities inside walls, through the water supply and other holes in the foundation and once it enters a building it will then be dispersed through the air. When looking to purchase a new home or previously owned home it is very important to have a home inspection performed.

Exposure to this gas in human beings is through inhalation and ingestion from the ground, ground water or building materials and outdoors as well. Every home is at risk of radon gas as it can get into any type of building, whether it is an old home, a new home, homes that are insulated and homes with or without basements resulting in a high indoor radon level. Therefore since most time is spent at home, this is where there is the greatest exposure occurs. The gas when inhaled, sticks to sensitive lung tissue and breaks down exposing the lung tissue to radiation thereby increasing the risk to lung cancer which will depend on the age at exposure, the duration of the exposure, cigarette smoking and source of water. Climate also affects as radon gas levels are usually higher during winter and lower in summer.

The best way to check for radon levels is through testing the home and background air to detect the levels of the gas since there are no symptoms that will alert you of the radon levels in your body. Radon testing should be handled by a professional. Integrity Home Inspection Jamestown, NY handles both radon testing andradon mitigation. Testing is typically performed before the purchase but is not uncommon to be done after the sale as well.