What can I expect with a Home Inspection?

When you are buying a home, whether it be new or old, you need to have a Home Inspection done. Think of a Home Inspection as medical insurance on the house. When you get sick you go to the doctors. When you buy a house you take it to the doctors too. That doctor is named Jim Reinagel from Integrity Home Inspection Services Jamestown NY.

Now, some might wonder if a Home Inspection is the right course of action or if you can even trust an Inspector. Well think of it this way, a Home Inspector is very much like a third party observer. He is someone who is not attached at all to the house and can give you an un-biased opinion on your new home. He or she can come in, take a look at the house as an impartial observer and give it a good once-over.

At Integrity Home Inspection Services in Jamestown, NY we will look at many different things including the smallest of details. We look at the external compositions of the home along with the internals you would never expect to look at. To give you some basic insight, we look at things such as the roofing, the ceiling, the foundation and the walls. We can tell you instantly about any problems we find and will be detailed in our 50-page report. Integrity Home Inspection Services will give an unbiased opinion about the condition of the home and repairs you may need.

One of the common misconceptions about a home inspector is that he or she will take a look at the house and decide if the property value is equal to the building code of the community. This is not true. Integrity Home Inspection Services Jamestown NY is a trusted Licensed Professional with a NACHI certification. This means we are upheld to a higher standard for certification, training and inspections.

A professional home inspector will come in and assess not only the good things about the house, but the bad things too. He or she will detail the issues that need to be repaired in an inspection handbook and then hand it off to the buyer. He or she will also give helpful tips on how to repair some of the damaged areas.

Some Home Inspectors prefer that their client not assist them in the inspection. This is not the case with Integrity Home Inspection Services at all. Our inspection process takes a little over 3 hours on average. We don’t expect our clients to be there for the entire inspection but we do invite our clients to come to the home near the end of the inspection to go over what we’ve discovered. This allows us to stay on task and finish the inspection in a timely manner.

At the end of the day Integrity Home Inspection Services of Jamestown, NY is there to save you precious time and more importantly, money. Buying a home is often the largest investment one makes in their lifetime. Home Inspections will make sure that your potential purchase is a good investment.