Why You Should Only Hire A Certified Home Inspector

If you’re looking to sell or buy a home, you may need the services of some experts to help you get a fairly reasonable price. One of these individuals is a real estate agent, but you should first consider hiring a certified home inspector to increase the sale value of your property.


Top 5 Reasons Why you should hire a certified Home Inspector

1. Thorough inspection

With their many years of experience and knowledge, a certified home inspector will carry out a detailed inspection of the home to help you fetch the best price. Moreover, he or she has passed all examinations testing knowledge of defect recognition, residential construction and inspection techniques. You can therefore expect that a quality job will be done.

2. Fast

By hiring a certified home inspector, you can get a detailed report about the inspection within 24 hours. He or she will also offer several recommendations that can help you make decisions or go to the next step of selling or buying the home. For a seller, you have in mind what repairs need to be done before marketing your home.

3. Reliable

You can almost bet that if you can located a Home Inspector that is trust worthy it is usually worth to spend the extra dime to have a real reliable and trusted home inspector to com in and be an expert and what they are actually there for.

4. Certified & Licensed

We do not have to say much about this one. The key here is to make sure the Home Inspector has a NACHI or some kind of nationally recognized Home Inspection certification.

5. Trust worthy

Can you trust your Home Inspector? You can’t always find someone that you will want to automatically invite into your new home. Look for Home Inspectors that are certified and have good customer feedback.